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Balisages is Enssib’s new online research journal: it publishes two annual issues in French and aims to reach an international readership by accepting material for publication in English.

Balisages is at the intersection of information, communication and library sciences, as well as an open anthropology (in the sense of a glance and not a discipline) of knowledge. A field that must therefore be mapped between digital and semiotic markers (« balises » in French), to promote or stimulate innovative intelligence on issues that affect both the document and the data, paper and digital as well as the forces that affect them.

Balisages aims to question the current challenges that, in the world of libraries and documentation, link forms of information processing to those of communication. Communication in the relational sense but particularly communication through digital equipment. In other words, information and communication are, even more today than in the past, the two sides, or even the front and back of the same question, the same object. Digital technology greatly facilitates these exchanges, these shifts, but also these discords between documentary information management and the logic of communication. The anthropology that Balisages wants to practise refers less to the academic discipline, than to an approach that considers the concrete modalities of the knowledge factory, tools, intellectual technologies, spaces and gestures (in line with the work of Ch. Jacob).

An anthropology of the techniques of knowledge production, conservation and circulation. But also a political anthropology, meaning that these technologies always generate ideological and concrete power effects. Between exploring technical forms and formats and deciphering their cognitive, communicational and political stakes under the perspective of an anthropology, Balisages opens up a new space for questioning the tools of intellectual work from the past to the present.


Each issue proposes 3 different sections:

  • A topical theme with a call for papers

  • A Varias section which welcomes articles outside of the theme

  • A Lectures/Reading section dedicated to book reviews and lecture notes.


The articles are assessed by an editorial board made up of internationally recognised researchers specialised in the topical theme. At least half of the members of the editorial boards are researchers belonging to institutions located outside of France.

Authors can respond to calls for thematic papers from Balisages posted on the following websites: Enssib, OpenEdition (Calenda), Société Française des Sciences de l’Information et de la Communication (SFSIC) and broadcast across researchers networks.

They can also send their articles spontaneously to the Varias section on balisages@listes.huma-num.fr and submit works for review. The articles in this section are also subject to a blind review by at least 2 reviewers.


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