Recommendations to authors

Translated from:
Recommandations aux auteurs

The editorial team of Arabesques will handle all the requirements for preparing contributions for inclusion in the Metopes processing chain specific to the journal. Authors are invited to provide their contributions, exclusively in digital form, in an open and editable file format.

Authors should endeavor to respect as closely as possible the contribution size constraints previously defined with the editorial team, which generally correspond to one page (4 800 signs, spaces included) or two pages (9 600 signs, spaces included) of the journal.

The editorial team of Arabesques has its full ability, in collaboration with the author, to make any necessary modifications due to either material or intellectual constraints.

Presentation of contributions

Contributions must include a title, the author's responsibilities in his or her actual professional functions, and the precise name of his or her institution.

When contributions have subtitles, the author will make understandable the desired structuring, as well as the possible presence of framed parts in the contribution.

Special attention should be paid:

– to quotations, which must always be sourced;

– to the presentation of bibliographic references, which should be as precise as possible;

– to links to online resources, which should have been recently checked.

Presence of illustrations

If illustrations are provided in addition to the contribution, as they will be used for the printed version of the journal, they will have to comply with the following recommendations.

Image and photo files are to be transmitted in the highest possible resolution:

– the standard print resolution on paper is 300 dpi (minimum resolution 240 dpi), which for a picture format 15x10 cm at 300 dpi corresponds to a size of 1771x1181 px; in general, the elements retrieved from a website are generally sampled at a resolution of 72 dpi and will not be usable in paper printing, except by considerably reducing their size (eg a 15x10 cm image at 72 dpi from the web will give a printable file in 3.5x2.3 cm format at 300 dpi)

– accepted formats: jpg, png, tiff, eps

For logos, graphics and drawings, the vector format is preferred (otherwise refer to the constraints of image formats); accepted formats: ai, eps, svg

In all cases, files provided will be checked and verified against the intended use, and the editorial team will contact the author if they are not exploitable.

Illustrations will be royalty free; the rights holder will be mentioned, as well as any copyright or license applied. The author/provider of illustrations has to be sure that rights are granted for both print and online versions of the journal.

A legend proposal will be included for each proposed illustration.


CC BY-ND 2.0